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Not many have achieved
TPI Level 3 Status
Dr. Chris is a member of the prestigious 1% Club!


Improve your game without leaving your home with help from our staff and the Titleist Performance Institute.

Much of what you do in your golf swing is because that's what your body wants to do! It doesn't have to be that way. Golf Fitness Screenings enable us to analyze the twelve most common swing faults. During a TPI Screening, you will undergo a twelve step process to determine which areas are causing inconsistencies in your swing. With the results of the TPI Golf Fitness Screening, we will provide you with a customized workout program designed to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and power. Your recommended exercises can be printed with "how to" pictures and you'll receive access to instructional videos for each excerise.

This is the exact same program used by the tour players and on Golf Channel Academy Live fitness programs. If you stick to the plan, results are astounding!     


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Chris Daily,

Doctor of Physical Therapy
TPI Certified 


Single person (approx 75 minutes)




2 or 3 people together (approx 90 minutes)