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When you combine one of the most prestigious golf schools in the world with a world class college prep school, the result seems too good to be true! 

Lowcountry Preparatory School empowers students to develop the intellectual skills (critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, synthesis, and communication) and personal values (honesty, integrity, compassion, ethical reasoning, spiritual sensitivity, and stewardship of the environment) to forge a life of meaning and purpose after high school and throughout adulthood.  The Ideal Learning Environment at Lowcountry Prep consists of a unique commitment to academic excellence and innovation and creativity that prepares students for lifelong learning in a constantly changing world.

International students are welcome! ESL programs available.
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9/18/2015 3:34:00 AM
Hand Path Trainer
9/15/2015 4:29:00 AM
Sharpening the short game
5/1/2014 4:43:00 PM
Competitors....and friends.
7/16/2013 5:22:00 PM
Flop shot contest
5/1/2014 4:45:00 PM
Full swing practice
4/25/2014 9:37:00 AM