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About Tim
Tim Loebs
Position: Peak Performance (Mental Game) Specialist
Qualification: MA, LPC
Phone: (800) 635-4220
EMAIL: sdresser@sc.rr.com

We’re pleased to offer the services of Mr. Tim Loebs to help you gain that mental edge for better focus and concentration. Tim has worked with many great players and is himself an accomplished player. He utilizes a very personalized approach to the mental side of golf by analyzing each players individual needs. His well known books and CD’s are available in our online shop. Appointments are available by calling 1 800 635 4220. If you’re looking to take your game to a high level or even if you seek to be more competitive at the club level, then Tim is the guy for you! For the last 20 years, Tim Loebs, MA, LPC has studied some of the most innovative and advanced breakthrough methods and technologies for human change and advancement available today.

Having distilled these methods, and with a unique and innovative application, goals can be achieved in a shorter period of time in comparison to most conventional techniques. These coaching strategies generally operate at a deeper unconscious level and can create effective and long lasting change in a relatively short peroid of time; thereby proving cost effective.As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Hypnotherapist and Peak Performance Specialist in private practice,Tim has a proven history of success working with golfers at all levels.

Please call for availability and price : (800) 635-4220. Hourly coaching sessions available.